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Please note that our curriculium is subject to change without notice based on compatibily issues with various versions of software. 

Video Game Design With Scratch

Video Game Design With Scratch This camp is an introduction to programming and game development for kids ages 8 and up developed for Scratch.   Students will learn how to program their own computer games by recreating the most popular games in history – from the early arcade hits such as Pong and Frogger to ultimate video-game blockbusters such as Snake or Tetris.


The Brick-Man game was modeled after the legendary Japanese arcade game Pac-Man. The player’s task is to “eat” all cross-shaped dots in the maze without getting caught by enemies. The game includes a sprite controlled by the player and several autonomous enemy sprites. Programming this game creates an opportunity to recall knowledge about color detection, visual effects, using variables and duplicating objects.


Space Explorer is a single player game with a space shuttle to maneuver through an asteroid field. The player uses arrow keys to control the shuttle and the space key to fire a laser missile and destroy asteroids. The aim is to survive for as long as possible. During two lessons with this project, students learn how to build a shooter game using visual programming blocks and learn several programming concepts such as controlling shuttle motion with arrow keys, detecting collisions and programming movement of the asteroids and laser.

Experiment with Science Magic Camp

In Our Experiment with Science Magic Camp, kids learn the secret tricks of real magicians: they make coins disappear; pull a rabbit out of a hat; read minds; make potions change color; make writing disappear and reverse direction; create incredible optical illusions; perform amazing card, rope and cup tricks; and so much more! Of course, there is science to be discovered in every trick, and along the way kids will explore chemistry, optics, physics, engineering,