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Please note that our curriculium is subject to change without notice based on compatibily issues with various versions of software. 


Science Camp

The purpose is to expose children to practical science in an easy, fun and engaging environment. It is the place where young scientists, aged 7 to 12 can perform simple science experiments and learn to design cool things which range from rockets to robots!


Enhance Your Afterschool Science Skills!


Our Nerd Science Camp does two things; it engages students with fun activities which creates a desire to learn. They also get to explore the wonderful world of science and extend the knowledge they already have.

At a Science Nerd's Camp kids ages 5 to 12 year olds will discover through educational, entertaining  hands-on science experiments that learning science is fun!


Our Science Camp is Indeed a Good Experience!


Our science camps are facilitated by professional instructors. All of our hands-on experiments are pre-tested and are safe for your children to participate in.


Bringing the Wonders of Science to Your School!


Our science camps are offered throughout the year to children ages 7 to 12 and we proudly service the areas of St. John's, Newfoundland and its surrounding areas!


For all those who are interested in finding out more about our in-class workshops in your community, we encourage you to contact us at;


Call Toll Free 1-844-879-7243 - 1-844-Try-Science


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